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VFX Supervisor

Russ Bowen


Russ is a VFX Supervisor with over 14 Years experience in the VFX Industry. His background spans every corner of the VFX world, a true Generalist at heart. Most recently he supervised artists across the globe on DC's 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods' for DNEG as lead vendor on over 900 Shots!

He also has extensive Onset experience having spent a lot of his career as an Onset Supervisor for films like Total Recall, Togo, Rush and Captain Phillips. On top of unit supervision, Russ also has extensive experience shooting Heli Plates, actor scanning and element shoots.

Russ enjoys every step of the filmmaking process, but particularly enjoys the creative collaboration VFX brings to a show!


Most memorable project...

Out in the middle of the Ocean.....usually on a Paddleboard

Favourite line from a movie...

Life....uh....finds a way'

Captain Phillips. I spent months out at Sea on location (Happy Place....) with a great team of film-makers in some challenging situations and then worked with an incredible team of talented artists in Post, back at DNEG London

Last supper...

A classic british Sunday Roast.......Yorkshire Puddings....soooo many Yorkshire Puddings!

Happy place...


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