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FX Supervisor

Menno Dijkstra

AD Dey IN Profile Pic 2023.02.06.jpg
Menno joined the beloFX team as an FX Supervisor aiming to work closely with talented artists to create the biggest, boldest effect simulation seen up to date. As an Artist, FX Lead, and Principle Artist, Menno worked on numerous big blockbusters such as Thor: The Dark World, Star Trek, First Man, and one of the more recent ones, the TV series Loki, which was nominated for a VES Awards in the category: Outstanding Effects Simulations in an Episode, Commercial, or Real-Time Project. Menno enjoys the creative process and problem-solving that each unique show brings and elevate the work together with a strong team.


Favourite line from a movie...
Happy place...
When I am not working...
Talent or Tech
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