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Compositing Lead

Gabriel Curpas

Gabriel Curpas joined beloFX as a Compositing Lead. Before, he worked as a Compositor for well known studios like MPC, Raynault VFX, Rodeo FX, and Pixomondo. In doing so, Gabriel had the chance to work in a variety of films, including X-men, Ghost In the Shell, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars: Han Solo, Transformers: Bumble Bee, Godzilla: King of the Monsters; as well as high-end TV shows like Star Trek: Discovery, Lost in Space and The Umbrella Academy. Finally, Gabriel was also involved in training new compositors at the MPC Academy in 2016-2017.

A balanced dose of both technical and creative skills can render exceptional artists, Gabriel believes.


Favourite line from a movie...

Hawaii, Aloha!

When I am not working...

I'm at my 2nd job: being a Dad. And when that is done, I like to hit a therapy session (ie: gym fitness, of course :D).

Now that's how you supposed to shoot! From now on, that's how you shoot! - Bad Boys II

My biggest mistake...

Not buying bitcoin when it was worth a fraction of a fraction of a dollar.

Happy place...


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