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Roto Supervisor

Akash Deokar

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Akash's exceptional professional background as a Roto Supervisor in the VFX industry is a testament to his extensive expertise, remarkable creativity, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier results. With over a decade of experience in the field, Akash has honed his craft to a level of mastery that few can rival. His ability to leverage his talent and skillset to elevate the quality of his work is a hallmark of his leadership style. As a seasoned professional, Akash has led the way on numerous high-profile projects, including the second season of the sci-fi Foundation series, which has garnered much acclaim for its visually stunning effects. His work has also been prominently featured in a plethora of blockbuster films and streaming series, such as Vikings, Creed II, Aquaman, Slumberland, The Boys, Game of Thrones House of the Dragon, The Rings of Power, Thor: Love and Thunder, Westworld S4, Star Trek: Picard S2, Star Trek: Discovery S4, Lost in Space, The Wheel of Time, Cowboy Bebop, and many more. Akash's laser focus on quality is evident in every aspect of his work. His dedication to quality is complemented by his unwavering commitment to teamwork and collaboration, which he believes are essential to achieving the best possible outcomes. His experience in mentoring and training artists in the VFX industry has equipped him with the necessary skills to provide guidance and support to his team members. By empowering his team to perform at their best, Akash has established himself as a highly effective leader who is capable of driving organizational growth and success.


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