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Head of CG, Canada

Zoe Cranley


As Head of CG Canada, Zoe will engage in shows from their very initial discussions until their final delivery, and beyond! Zoe is excited to adopt new technologies and resources, giving artists a new and exciting means to create vfx of the highest level.

Whilst being an active member of the VFX and Animation Community, Zoe is passionate about building and growing talented and diverse teams, whereby people can work at their very best in a thriving and enriching environment.

Zoe started her career in 2005 at Double Negative London, subsequently working in the Singapore and Vancouver studios. Her most recent roles were CG Supervisor, Head of Build and Head of CG.


Most memorable project...

Not my biggest, but a favourite. I was working in the USA at an American summer camp, and had just bought a bag of Arts & Crafts supplies from walmart. On returning to my car, I thought the seat felt a little different. After realising quickly it was not my car, but a similar one, I ran out leaving my shopping behind. I always wonder about the reaction of the car owner who found my shopping..

When I am not working...

Likely chasing after my husky dog, skiing, watching trashy tv shows, or painting an oversized canvas.

John Carter of Mars, the work was amazing, even if we were the only ones who watched it.

Spending 3 weeks onset on the Amalfi coast for Wonder Woman was such an amazing experience.

Waiting for technology to solve...

Teleportation, so I can get around without being late!

My biggest mistake...


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