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New Business Executive

Woojo Jeon


Woojo focuses as Bidding Producer on delivering high quality bids for all of beloFX’s upcoming projects. She leaves no stone unturned by conducting thorough investigations to determine scope of work, discussing workflows with supervisors, orchestrating assessments, and incorporating new business strategies. Woojo designs and updates bidding databases to enable a data-driven analytical approach making bidding more successful.

Woojo’s film career began in 2005 and has touched a broad spectrum of Producing and Production Management, most recently as a Production Manager and Bidding Producer in the Visual Effects industry. She is an award-winning producer who is passionate about providing mentorship and contributing to future growth of the industry.


When I am not working...

ETFs and Cryptocurrencies

Waiting for technology to solve...

World hunger, climate change, and TELEPORTATION.

Traveling with family and Spa day with friends

My biggest mistake...

Years ago, I was producing a short film and as producer on a low budget production does, I was in charge of lunch prep. For 3 days, I went to this house and told whoever met me at the door that I was Collin (DoP)'s friend and that I was there to use their kitchen. They let me in. Cast and crew were fed and happy. On 4th day, when no one answered the door, I phoned Collin to figure out what was going on. That was when we all learned that I had been at the wrong address the whole time.....*crickets*

When I left school I wish I knew...


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