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Head of 2D and Training

Vic Wade

Vic’s dual role sees him establishing the 2D department at Belo and supporting training across all the teams. Self-taught and with more than 20 years of industry experience Vic is passionate about creating high-quality visuals & helping others to do the same.

Vic has worked across dozens of high-end VFX projects, starting as a compositor before supervising on-set & leading and supporting large teams of artists in Post

For the past 10 years Vic has worked at DNEG in a range of roles, helping to build world-class 2D teams in London and then in 2014 relocating with his family to help setup and establish a new site in Vancouver. In 2016, after returning to London Vic stepped into a new dedicated role to support training across the studio globally.

Vic also works with government, Industry bodies and education providers to support the development of talent across VFX and the wider creative sector.


Waiting for technology to solve...

Worrying too much about making a mistake!

Most memorable project...

Bond 22 - Stepping up to supervise alongside an incredibly talented and supportive team, navigating the writers strike, a fascinating technical shoot, taking down half the power in soho during final delivery and welcoming the birth of our first child in the midst of everything

Being in two places at once.

Favourite line...


My biggest mistake...


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