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Animation Supervisor

Taran Matharu

Taran is an Animation Supervisor at beloFX, with over 20 years experience in Games, Feature and VFX. His career has spanned across many hit projects like Le Petit Prince, Terminator Genisys, Captain Underpants, Scoob! and most recently as Supervisor on Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

He has a passion of for acting, performance, traditional concepts of life drawing and photography/cinematography. Taran's goal is to convey convincing stories with believable acting choices and body language with strong influences of camera, FX and lighting.


Happy place...

Captain Underpants. This show really pushed me into thinking about design and appeal of posing. And also having awesome fun on the acting choices.

When I am not working...

Doing errands! Or chilling whenever possible :)

My rocking chair and being with my dog...and playing some video games..... and playing tennis.....and driving my car with the wife.

Favourite line from a movie...

I'd buy that for a dollar! - Robocop

Most memorable project...


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