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Junior Pipeline Engineer

Susheel Shivaprasad


As a Junior Pipeline Engineer, Susheel’s role is to collaborate with team members to build, document and maintain VFX pipeline software as well as work with department heads and supervisors to support beloFX’s artists. Susheel studied Film & Television at University and then worked in TV pre-production, getting the chance to cut sizzle reels sent to Commissioning Editors. He also worked as a freelance videographer and was involved in projects from conception to final deliverable. Always fascinated with tech and problem solving, he started coding over lockdown before attending a bootcamp and now feels lucky to be able to combine his love for visual art with his analytical skill set.


Last supper...

You need to dream a little bigger darling - Eames(Tom Hardy) from Inception

When I am not working...

Cinema, reading, seeing friends or some form of physical activity.

Salmon Terriyaki

On my desert island I would take...

My best friend(only if they are up for it). Together we would figure a way out or have an amazing time attempting to solve the problem. If they're not up for it then a coconut called Wilson.

Favourite line from a movie...


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