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Head of Technical Operations

Steve Lynn

Based in Canada, Steve is a part of the global technology leadership team providing both management support as well as looking after buildings, physical infrastructure and being integral to all aspects of getting the North American operation up and running.

Having trained in mechanical engineering Steve’s career in VFX started at Cinesite in 2001 in technical support. Moving to DNEG in 2004 he went on to help design and build out multiple office locations. Steve relocated to Vancouver in 2016 taking on the role of Global Head of Infrastructure where he helped to build and set up DNEG’s Vancouver, Montreal and LA Studios as well as managing technical support globally.


When I am not working...

Either being too focused on what I want rather than what I have or not learning a second language.

On my desert island please...

A racetrack and my old Caterham CSR260.

Depending on the season, camping, kayaking, skiing, cycling or driving.

Last supper...

Texas style BBQ please!

My biggest mistake...


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