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CG Supervisor

Stacie Hawdon


Stacie is a Generalist Lead with over a decade of experience across a variety of disciplines including Environments, Build, Layout and Animation.

Before joining the team, Stacie had worked at various studios including ILM, DNEG and Lionhead; creating content for a wide range of projects such as Film/TV/Rides and Games.

Passionate about Diversity and Inclusion, she has spoken on a number of panels and run hands on CG demos to help encourage more women to consider a career in VFX.


When I am not working...

It's a close call between Aladdin and Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker, both projects really demonstrated how much you can get done with a small tight-knit env team open to trying out new things and the work looked amazing!

My biggest mistake...

Overthinking the small stuff and not always recognizing impostor syndrome when it appears

Playing roller hockey, painting or gaming

Favourite line from a movie...

Clever girl!

Most memorable project...


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