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2D Supervisor

Sachin Vishwas


Sachin has worked in the VFX industry for over 16 years. He has worked at facilities such as DNEG working in Compositing/Comp Supervisor roles, with career highlights such as Dune, Moonfall, The Matrix Resurrections and Aquaman The Lost Kingdom.

Sachin prides himself on bringing a balance of creativity and technical expertise to the role and works closely with the 3D and 2D teams to achieve the best possible final result. He’s not afraid to get his hands to get involved in the shot work when at all possible and he loves filmmaking.


On my desert island I would take...

dune movie the most challenging show i have ever worked with

Happy place...

keep your working environment healthy

I would take ten Great Books, ten poems, ten novels, ten plays, and ten works of non-fiction. I began, appropriately enough, with the Great ...

Favourite line from a movie...

think positive and don't just wait just do it

Most memorable project...


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