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CG Supervisor

Rémi Cauzid


Rémi started his career in Paris doing commercials, feature animation and games. From there, he moved to London to focus on creatures for VFX. After spending some time in Singapore he is now based in Vancouver.

Over the years, Rémi worked as a Rigger, CFX Artist, Creature Supervisor and is now a CG Supervisor with over 13 years of experience credited on movies such as Dune, Ghostbusters, Star Trek and Ant-Man.

What drives Rémi is team work and problem solving while maintaining fun at work.


Happy place...

Edgar, t'as la peau qui flotte. (Men in black)

Last supper...

Star Michelin restaurant in the north of France, ask me if you want the exact address!

In a wood workshop creating some in the real world.

When I am not working...

Looking after my family, exploring nature and meeting friends.

Favourite line from a movie...


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