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Asset Artist

Mikhail Egorov


Always learning, always smiling is the main way to describe Mikhail, an Asset Artist that recently joined beloFX in September 2022. With his overarching curiosity, he is able to deliver in modeling, sculpting, shading, and grooming with great interest while performing aforementioned tasks. The positive attitude, high standards and constant need to learn makes Mikhail a valued member of the Asset Team here at beloFX!

Mikhail began his journey as a Shot Finalist at Cinesite Vancouver after having graduated Capilano University from their 3D Animation for Film and Games program in 2021. After having bounced around two more studios, he has finally found his place here!


When I am not working...

Lost while snowboarding with untouched snow all around and nothing but the wind to be heard

Waiting for technology to solve...

Automatic UV mapping and retopology

Eating tons and lifting weights or video games and 3D modeling!

Favourite line from a movie...

I have to return some video tapes

Happy place...


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