Mike Brazelton

VFX Supervisor


Mike is a production side VFX Supervisor and co-founder of beloFX. With over 22 years in visual effects, he has built long-lasting relationships and discovered what being creative really means in this industry - breaking all the rules and getting the results on the screen over everything technical and by the book.

During Mike's long career, he has had many key milestones. Most memorable was his work on The Matrix sequels (The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions), as they were his 2nd and 3rd flims in the industry.

I like to be home with my family - I spend a lot of time away so getting to be with my family in Vancouver is the best!

Teleportation - I'd love to cut out flight time haha.

My biggest mistake...

Drinking the local water in the jungles of Mexico recently... that wasn't fun.

Last supper...

Sushi - always!


When I am not working...

Waiting for technology to solve...