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Generalist Lead

Markus Graf


Markus started his career in 2008 and has since worked as a VFX Artist and Lead across series like Game of Thrones and films like Ready Player One as well as big franchises like the Star Wars and Marvel universes.

As a Generalist Lead, Markus uses whatever tools and technique he can get his hands on to bring the directors vision to life. This includes large scale environments as well digital matte paintings.

His passion for real-time VFX was ignited working for a virtual production company and he now aims to use the real-time experience gathered there to help build the next generation of VFX workflows at beloFX.


Waiting for technology to solve...

Definitely Ramen or any other type of an asian noodle soup.

Talent or Tech

In our line of work you need both working together closely and realtime VFX is going to emphasize that. Part of my faszination with VFX was always the overcoming of technical limitations.

Gotta go with teleportation as well. Having worked in 3 Countries far away from home I can safely say that flying is not my favorite way of travel.

Happy place...

On my Bike, rolling down a hill at speed.

Last supper...


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