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Editing Supervisor

Mark Hunter


As Editing Supervisor, Mark brings over a decade of experience in VFX Editorial to beloFX.

He started his career as a runner at MPC London in 2011, before moving into Editorial, filling roles such as Editorial Assistant, and Animation Editor before becoming a VFX Editor. Mark soon joined DNEG and transferred to the newly established office in British Columbia, where he eventually rose to the role of Head of VFX Editorial Vancouver.


When I am not working...

Life, uh... finds a way

Most memorable project...

Geostorm. Not so memorable for any reasons relating to cinematic excellence ;)

I like to get outside and into the mountains, either hiking up them or snowboarding down them, both options are fun!

On my desert island I would take...

A spoon, I love desserts! Oh wait you said desert....sun screen I guess, I am very pale.

Favourite line from a movie...


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