Joel Green

VFX Supervisor

Joel is a VFX Supervisor with over 15 years experience working on projects ranging from the biggest superhero movies to more subtle invisible effects work. He supervised DNEG’s work as the lead vendor on the latest James Bond film No Time To Die and has been keeping the plot secret for a few years longer than anticipated!

As CG Supervisor Joel worked on box office hit Wonder Woman, having served in the same capacity on Spectre, Godzilla and The World’s End.

Joel enjoys the collaborative, creative process of VFX and finding solutions to the unique technical and artistic challenges each project brings.

Luton Town FC clearly

I had a VHS recording of James Cameron's action classics Terminator 2 and Aliens which played on repeat as a teenager and can still recite most scenes verbatim.

Most memorable project...

My favourite ever project was Paul. I got to spend 3 months on set in New Mexico with my comedy heroes and then worked with the most amazing team of artists in London to create a great character!

Last supper...

Having been vegetarian until the age of 29 I moved to Buenos Aires for 6 months and discovered Argentine steak. No going back from that.


The greatest team in the world...

Favourite line...