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Generalist Artist

Jack Stevens

Jack is a Digital Matte Painter and 3D Environment Artist from Northern Ireland that has been working in the VFX industry since 2014. He has worked on various films such as Avengers Endgame, Infinity War, Mission Impossible Fallout, Pacific Rim 2 and many more.

He has been working in London for various companies such as DNEG, One of Us, Union and Bluebolt before joining beloFX.


When I am not working...

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain... Time to die.

Most memorable project...

I had the pleasure of freelancing on a project for NASA's Kennedy space center. I was involved with creating the possible environment of Trappist 1-E (A newly discovered habitable planet). It was the perfect project for me, combining my love for science, education and art!

outside of work I like to continue my curiosity of photography, life drawing and digital art. Or a pint at the pub!

Happy place...

As long as I am with friends I can be anywhere and forget about the outside world for a moment. Or a pub.

Favourite line from a movie...


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