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Generalist Lead

Jack O'Kersey


Jack is a 3D Generalist based in Buckinghamshire. Previously he was with DNEG for 9 years, rising from Runner to 3D Generalist. Most recently he has been leading Environment teams on James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ and Netflix’s ‘The Adam Project’.

Having grown up with a SFX Supervisor for a dad, Jack always wanted to work in film. Seeing his dad’s name in lights as a kid always filled him with pride, knowing from an early age he would follow in his footsteps.

Jack’s work involves collaborating closely with a small team of Generalists, CG and VFX Supervisors, to deliver the clients vision all the way from Layout, Animation, Environments and Lighting through to Rendering.


When I am not working...

Teleportation. I'm not a fan of travelling anywhere and always dreamed of teleporting to work & social events. Working from home is the closest I'll get, the teleporter being the corridor between my bedroom and my home office!

On my desert island I would take...

My cat. He's a great hunter and could feed me with delicious rodents. And if he doesn't do his job, I'll get at least one decent meal before I die..

I like to take walks in the country that end at a pub, and enjoy spending sunny days in the garden with family & friends. I've also taken up Padel recently, which is a sport best described as the love-child of Tennis and Squash.

Favourite line from a movie...

I... drink.. your ..MILKSHAKE!

Waiting for technology to solve...


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