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VFX Supervisor

Huw Evans


With over 15 years of experience, Huw is a VFX Supervisor who has put his Generalist background to good use across a wide range of projects during his varied career, most recently supervising DNEG’s work as the lead vendor on The Matrix Resurrections.

Prior to this, Huw supervised Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Wonder Woman 1984 and Daniel Espinosa’s space horror ‘Life’.

Huw loves the magic of filmmaking and still pinches himself that he’s actually a part of it too and gets to work alongside so many creative individuals.


Favourite line from a movie...

There's been many! For good reasons and otherwise! I'd have to say probably Mission Impossible though. Spending time in Paris and New Zealand in incredibly beautiful locations watching awesome car chases and stunts with the main man himself was something I'll never forget.

Last supper...

Chocolate. If I'm honest with myself, it would be chocolate. Not a beautiful steak, or a nice roast with all the trimmings - just chocolate. Maybe shaped like a steak. Mmmmm choco-steak.

...your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should - bit of a classic from one of my favourite movies, Jurassic Park. One of those phrases that sometimes pops into my head at work - no idea why.

My biggest mistake...

I learnt that meat puns are a medium rarely well done, however passing on the chance to drop such a dad joke would be my biggest missed steak.

Most memorable project...


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