Graham Jack

Chief Technology Officer

Graham leads the technology aspects of beloFX. He is responsible for building the teams of skilled and passionate developers who build the tools and technology on which all our operations depend. Graham provides the vision for the development of the technology which will enable us to be part of the profound evolution that the creative industry is going through.

Having trained in control engineering, Graham’s career in VFX saw start him as a VFX artist rising to the role of VFX Supervisor. He then became CTO of Dneg in 2014, developing a globalised technology pipeline for the group across multiple divisions.

It has to be a collaboration, the tech needs to work for those who are using it but it can also change the way those people work.

Major Strassor has been shot. Round up the usual suspects.

On my desert island please...

Paper and plenty of pencils.

When I left school I wish I knew...

Don't sweat the small stuff


When developing technology...

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