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Generalist Artist

David Dionne


David is a generalist who touches pretty much everything he can. Here at beloFX, David is responsible for developing assets and sharing his knowledge about Unreal Engine and Realtime pipeline.

When not working on visual effects, he spends his spare time working on a video game to learn the real-time workflow and pipeline process. His ultimate goal is to understand the entire process of creation, from concept to final product and to be able to present high-quality images to make the narrative even stronger.

David has experience in VFX, virtual production, feature animation, video games, team management and teaching/mentoring (Unreal Engine).


When I am not working...

Disappointment Boulevard (Beau is afraid). That was my first on-set experience with virtual production and seeing Ari Aster and Joaquin Phoenix working together was an experience out of this world.

Favourite line from a movie...

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” - The Wonder

I'm working on a video game, spending time with my girlfriend and my daughter. In my free time I usually watch movies, tv-show or play video games.

Happy place...

Cinemas - I'm literally able to spend an entire day in a cinema. The smell, the ambience... It's a comfort zone for me.

Most memorable project...


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