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Asset Lead

Dave Crabtree


Dave is currently Asset Lead at beloFX. He has over 10 years of experience in the VFX industry and has worked on a wide range of projects from Captain Phillips and Blade Runner 2049 at DNEG, to The Addams Family 2 (Feature Animation) at Cinesite.

Dave started his VFX journey back in 2010 and throughout his years in the industry has worked and lead as a Generalist, Lighter and Lookdev artist with a large focus on creature work.

He enjoys working as part of a team on artistic and technically challenging projects. He also enjoys creating efficient workflows and guiding others to help realise their goals.


On my desert island I would take...

I am most likely running

Happy place...

My's very comfy

Food, lots and lots of food

Waiting for technology to solve...

Being able to eat as much as you want and not gain any weight

When I am not working...


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