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CG Supervisor

Dan Pastore


As a CG Supervisor, Dan takes care of project's 3D requirements, realising a creative vision with the latest technical solutions from the concept to the final pixels. Having worked in London and Singapore, Dan enjoys nurturing an international team in a highly collaborative environment.

Over the past 14 years, Dan has been an artist and supervisor of a wide range of roles within CG. From matchmove to asset build, environments, and character lighting through to associate VFX supervision. Spanning across a broad scale of projects such as Westworld’s Season 1 Pilot and Bridge Of Spies to big tent pole blockbusters such as No Time To Die and Avengers: End Game.


When I am not working...

It's a Trap!

Last supper...

Cooking something low and slow on my BBQ. I am not proclaiming to be a pitmaster or anything but I do like the process as much as the results.

I'll probably be on the mountain bike or giving it a fettle. It's been nice to find good local spots despite living and a metropolis.

My biggest mistake...

For a large part of my childhood, I believed only Boxing was shown on TV on Boxing Day! I have missed out on an unmeasurable amount of cartoons and films. It did mean every present got thoroughly played with though.

Favourite line from a movie...


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