Christoph Ammann

Global Technical Supervisor

Working closely with both artist and engineering teams, Christoph leads the design and integration of artist workflows at beloFX. He is passionate about empowering people to work to their full potential, and excited about exploring new avenues in VFX production pipeline design.

Christoph has worked in both artist and supervisor roles at various VFX facilities over the last two decades, including Sony Pictures Imageworks and Dneg. He most recently held the position of CG Tech Supervisor at ILM.

It's game over man, game over!

Running, hiking, snowboarding, and travelling with family and friends.

Waiting for technology to solve...

Safe and cheap personal flight for leisure, preferably with jet packs.

When I left school I wish I knew...

Schools should teach basic investment courses. Everyone should start to invest the day they get their first job.


Favourite line...

When I am not working...