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Generalist Artist

Brandon Taira


Noboru is currently a CG Generalist at beloFX mainly focused in the Unreal side of things. He has been working as an Unreal Artist for the last 2 years for both film and feature episodics.


When I am not working...

Definitely would have to be Call Of The Wild. It was my first project that I got a chance to work on when I first started in the industry. I worked with a ton of amazing artists and learned a lot of valuable things.

Favourite line from a movie...

Why so serious? - The Dark Knight 2008

You would most likely catch me painting my 40k models. It is a passionate hobby of mine and one that I do almost everyday. I also like to go grab a drink at a bar with friends/colleagues whenever I get the chance.

Happy place...

Tim Hortons

Most memorable project...


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