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Chief Executive Officer

Alex Hope

As Joint CEO with Matt Holben, Alex’s focus is the strategic planning of beloFX. Working to ensure the company seizes the rapidly evolving opportunities for artistry and technology in the Screen Industries which will change the way we create and how we organise a creative studio with a global footprint.

Alex’s career began at MPC in the ’90’s before helping found Dneg in 1998. Alongside building successful VFX companies, throughout his career Alex has also been involved in advocacy for the vfx and screen industries, with a particular focus on skills and training.


Waiting for technology to solve...

That most problems are solved by picking up the phone and talking to someone.

My biggest mistake...

Oh I’ve made many, but this one is worth re-telling: I’d just been promoted from runner to production assistant. I was organising the telecine and ‘Harry’ bookings (now that dates me) for the Head of Television of a big ad agency. When she very gently queried why I’d gone ahead and planned everything without consulting her team. I tentatively replied that I’d assumed they’d be able to provide rushes on a certain date and want delivery on a certain date. She replied “only idiots assume, and I take it you are not an idiot”.

Education for every child on the planet and clean abundant water for all.

Last supper...

Ideally ribs, beans, coleslaw, but more likely to be something through a straw.

When I left school I wish I knew...


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